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Mission Statement:

Implement a comprehensive and effective wind code in every town on Long Island to permit the installation of wind turbines as a clean renewable energy source in order to mitigate LIPAís energy burden, decrease Long Islandís carbon footprint, and decrease foreign dependence on oil.

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What is the goal for this campaign?

The Campaign attempts to open a positive discussion on the problems with Long Island's current energy portfolio, and how we can fix them. The problem is being exacerbated by a growing population and an insatiable energy demand, but solutions are here and ready to be implemented. Wind energy is just one solution. The campaign plans to provide facts about wind energy and the installation requirements for a resident, business, or town.

How can you Make a Difference in your Community?

1. If you are a Long Island resident, business owner, or town official take the Wind Perspectives Survey to give the campaign more information about your opinions and thoughts about wind energy. Just click the appropriate link in the right sidebar.

2. Contact your local town officials to inqire about the current town code, and how an effective code can be implemented. The more interest a town receives, the more likely a change will happen.

3. Contact a local wind turbine installer to find out how a turbine can be an economic way to supply your daily energy usage.

4. Install a wind turbine on your property. Familiarity will breed acceptance. And of course, the more wind turbines installed will mean a decreased carbon footprint, a decrease in peak demand and a greater independence from foreign oil.

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This website is funded by Eastern Energy Systems. Please contact them with interest in wind turbine installation.

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Note: This website was originially designed as a project for the Eastern Energy Systems, Inc. inaugural internship program. However, the sole founder of the website, Jessica Bloom currently assumes all responsibility for the Windy Island Campaign and its website.

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